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Bug Professionals

Our neighborhood specific Bug Professionals are very specific to YOUR neighborhood. We are your bug guy matchmaker and huge support enhancement for your routine service. What started as organized overflow for our own bug service has grown into a mix of prescreened and talented bug techs.

The Bug Network is a group

The Bug Network is a group of techs that already work in specific areas and take pride of ownership in their work. The individual servicers are experienced bug techs that joined our network group in effort to concentrate their efforts into an area usually close to where they live. The simple reality of shorter drive times and less gas make the route savings beneficial for all. Response times to any bugemergencies go way down and so trip fees and other outside repairs are timely and more convenient to schedule.

The Bug Network support system

As a member of The Bug Network your bug tech is supported by our scheduling and support system, group pricing, and other features that set them apart from other local companies. Not all neighborhoods are supported. Please inquire below about our intro free cleaning and quote.

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